The Loopy Mic

Ishaan Chaudhary, Nicola Carpeggiani

We have built out a system that will enable microphones to become looping devices that will enhance students beatboxing abilities. Specifically, this will be used to aid a curriculum set forth by the Breatrockers for blind and low vision students and the Lavelle school.


Our goal was to design and create a physical interface that helps enhance the Beat Rockers beat boxing program at the Lavelle School for the Blind. Our solution is a hand help mic looper station we call “Loopi”. It allows students to record themselves and overdub allowing for independent beat making on the fly. The interface is designed for the visually impaired but can be used by anyone. The interface has 2 buttons – one that records and overdubs when held down and a second button that resets everything. The current version of the interface uses software coded in MAX MSP and Arduino to operate.


Design for the Real World: BeatRockers @ the Lavelle School