Socially Sustained Ecologies

Chester Dols, Yutong (Carlie) Zhang

This is a social media visualizer, where creatures in this ecosystem are sustained through social media activity. Fail to feed them, they will feed on each other.


Inspired by my childhood digital pet game, Tamagotchi, our project imagines a digital micro ecosystem which feeds off the social media activity: ‘posts’, ‘likes’, and ‘comments’. The system of intelligent behaviour particles, or flocks, swarm and feed from food source nodes which emit food particles and sustain the individual agents within the flock. The food nodes are taken from a users Instagram posts and the food particles are representative of the posts and comments on each post. Without sustained feeding of the flocking agents, the story takes a dark turn, the flock will start to exhibit abnormal behaviour as agents within the flock begin to cannibalise each other. The first flock changes into a predatory pack hunting down remaining agents from the original group until the food source returns.

People will be able to sustain and feed the flock agents of a specific instagram account. Provided the account username, users will add food and maintain a healthy ecosystem with their likes and comments to that Instagram account.


Introduction to Computational Media ITPG-GT.2233.004