David Temchulla, Yutong (Carlie) Zhang

A moving painting controlled by text the participants choose.


Every day, we speak. We talk to different people. Language and text are one of the most important ways we shape and express our own realities. So often it is not necessarily the words alone that have meaning, but the context in how those words are spoken. The concept behind Seen/Feel is to translate a text input that allows for alternative realities to be depicted with two-sided paint using the Moire pattern. As people choose what letters to place into a controller, spelling out words that help express themselves according to their own life experience and culture background the painting rotates to create and abstract Morie effect. Within the code there are also 2 words that when inputted(FEEL or SEEN), will complete the image on one side of the painting, either completing the image for the participant or completing an image for the viewers on the other side. Therefore creating two separate realities.


Introduction to Physical Computing ITPG-GT.2301.007