Fortune on Hand

Siman Li

A palm line reader that tells the fortune in poems


This is a palm reading machine that can take a picture of the user’s palm and then using javascript languages to analyze, base on the palmistry knowledge that will eventually print out a poems that tells the fortune to the user.

This project is a ICM and Pcom combine work, there will be a webcam connected to laptop, and a pushbutton on the surface, and a palm shaped hole on the surface for the user to put their hand on, after user put their right hand on (in palmistry, the left hand shows potential, the right hand shows what you have done with that potential ), they press the button with their left hand, theWhen the button is pressed, the picture got analysis in p5 that using the openCV called EdgeDetection and BlobDetection, then a poem will be print out from the thermal printer attached in the palm reading machine.


Introduction to Physical Computing ITPG-GT.2301.005