Ambient Machine

Scott Reitherman

Three ambient music p5 sketches have been designed in harmony, allowing users to create short or long-form, evolving musical soundscapes via touchscreens.


Three p5 sketches make up the different elements of an ambient music palette/orchestra. Sketch 1 – Lower frequency, harmonic warmth. Sketch 2 – Higher frequency, airy textures. Sketch 3 – Discrete, arhythmic percussive elements.

Sound design and musical samples of my creation make up arrays of sounds, so that long form, evolving musical experiences and compositions are possible and interactions can last from a couple of minutes to much longer. “Ambient Machine” is both a toy and a tool, both entertaining and versatile.

Not far down the road, I envision it as a mobile and desktop product, which after being set in motion by the user can be left to run in the background as a contemplative soundscape or as a dynamic music creation experience.

It is essentially complete, and was presented in Shawn Van Every's ICM class this week for a final project.


Introduction to Computational Media ITPG-GT.2233.003, Immersive Listening: Designing Sound for VR