a2z Bot Wall

Chelsea J Pfohl, Chino Kim, Daniel Silber-Baker, Isabel M Donlon, Jared D Friedman, Joakim G Quach, Jessica L Scott-Dutcher, Leslie E Ruckman, Marcela Nowak, Nikita Huggins, Ondina E Frate, Ruta Kruliauskaite, Ravyn L Whitley, rebecca (marks) leopold, Rebecca Ricks, Serena M Parr, Ying He, Yiting Liu

A curated wall of code projects made by ITP graduate students in Daniel Shiffman's Programming from A to Z class.



This is a curated wall of Twitter bots made by students in the class showing their work throughout the semester. Look for a Twitter bot name and short description next to each screen.


Programming from A to Z