Genocide Watch-And Act

Daniel Silber-Baker

Genocides develop in stages. It is our responsibility as humans to keep watch over the development of these stages, and to take action to ensure all traces of genocide and the stages that lead to it are extinguished.


I have grown up believing and now more then ever, that as people, and for me, as Jewish people especially, we have a responsibility to be the front guard of any watch for Genocide, or the steps that lead to it. To those ends I am creating a space to collect and connect the possible steps that are associated with and come together to create the conditions under which genocide is able to happen. Users can explore the stages of genocide on the website, as well as submit current day examples of news and events that are happening now that relate to the stages of genocide. These examples are stored in a node.js database (a json file appended and serving data back to the website), and presented on the main website as ‘cards,’ which other users can view and research.