The Factory

Corbin Ordel

Watch Breakfast get made in this cutting edge factory.


The Factory tells the story of our lives by putting on display the beauty of monotony. In the first section we watch as a conveyor belt delivers a beautiful and pristine egg to be mutilated, squashed and smashed into the next section of our production line which turns our egg into a beautiful, pristine and evolved new version of itself. On the last screen we see the egg become whole once “eggain”, completing its metamorphosis and reincarnating back into its former self. The viewer sees the moment of it’s destruction played over and over, and witnesses the beautify of death and rebirth as it is put back together in the final section of the piece. Screen based animations are synced up with the physical movement of our egg props, blurring the lines between what is real and what is not. We invite the viewer to find pleasure and beauty in these blurred lines, allowing them to contemplate why this surreal set up is so satisfying to witness. The Factory utilizes arduino, stepper motors, home brewed conveyor belts, maxmsp, Wekinator (a machine learning program that we use to recognize the motion of the egg to play the animations in sync), and lighting effects to create an awesome and most importantly fun spectacle for the eyes and imagination. In this iteration we will be using a more advanced lighting rig, sounds effects, a music component, as well introducing a new interactive button which will allow the viewer to view other production lines at the factory. This robust project encompasses a lot of what ITP has to offer, and we are proud to show it! This project was originally for Pop-Up Windows.


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