Cirque du Snake

Jaycee Holmes, Zach Coble

The classic snake game, where the snake’s movements are controlled by your body.


Jaycee Holmes and Zach Coble are creating a multiplayer version of the classic game Snake, where the snake character eats the food and the tail grows longer. Our version is a p5 sketch projected onto a round table top, and the movement of the snake is determined by the movement of your physical body around the table top. If you want the snake to move right, then scoot to the right. To move left, scoot left and try not to bump into the person next to you.

Space: 6ft x 6ft, space to hang projector from ceiling

Equipment requested: 1 projector

1 Kinect 2

1 circular table, approx. 36” diameter (one of the white tables in the commons area would be perfect)


Introduction to Physical Computing ITPG-GT.2301.001