Roi Lev

Transform yourself into a different body. PoV gives you the opportunity to experience the world from a different point of view.



PoV is a system that allows you to take control over a characterless puppet, making it an extension of your own mind and body and raising questions about our physical existence and the ability to be in two different parts of the world at the same time.
The first prototype allows the users to control a 26″ manikin with their mobile device, moving him in space and watching the same room from its lower point of view which makes the world seem completely different.

In the future this manikin will have a human size and by sending it to different places around the world it will allow us to engage more deeply in conversations, enhancing the current video calls we are limited to by providing us with the ability to move and turn.

The manikin is fabricated by a combination of wood and electrical components, giving it a friendly look to engage people interacting with it and make it feel more natural yet a different and unique experience.

The importance of points of view was long discussed by philosophers and film theorists, PoV aims to provide us with our own point of view in long distance conversations.


Intro to Fabrication, Introduction to Physical Computing ITPG-GT.2301.007, Introduction to Computational Media ITPG-GT.2233.005