Danni Huang, Yuqiao Qin

play with simulated nature light refraction and dispersion and enjoy the rainbow that shades and fades on string sculpture


Obsessed with how sunlight refracts in nature and creates rainbow because of dispersion, we decide to simulate a process to show light travels and disperses and generates rainbows, during which can let people play with prisms to generate and erase rainbows themselves.

Basically, our project is a light installation which combines a plastic string sculpture with the light and rainbow effect created by one light source and three prisms. We hang more than 6000 plastic strings in a 30inch x 12inch x 18inch transparent acrylic box to make the string sculpture which plays the role of the medium that visualise the path that light travels. Three prisms connected with servos with calculated angles would keep rotating and refracting the light.Another wireless prism would be placed outside the box and give the control to users – people can rotate and play with this prism and see how light and rainbow changes in the box and create a light sculpture of your own.

The installation should be placed in a dark space to ensure the visibility of light refraction and dispersion.


Introduction to Physical Computing ITPG-GT.2301.003