Francesca Rodriguez Sawaya

It's about creating a new language that ties together the old ways of archiving and consuming stories with the contemporary ways of consuming them. It's a physical installation inspired by a recording device used in the Incan Empire made of cords and knotted strings of different colors to capture elements of Oral Traditions. Interaction with it, will reveal daily stories about cultural identity and immigration.



I researched which where those old ways of archiving and sharing stories many years ago. I explored Oral Traditions and physical archiving systems (old technologies) that could still be used.
Some of the questions I explored: How do we want people in the future to learn about people's stories from today? Which are those personal narratives that talk about our identity? How does our cultural identity changes when we migrate somewhere else? How can I use these old techniques to archive our stories from today?
I'm working on this hand made piece that could be placed on a wall, the same way a painting is, where people could physically interact with it, while hearing stories I collected from people that talk about how did they cultural identity has changed when migrating somewhere else. It's an audio installation that activates once you interact with the piece.


Project Development Studio