Esther Hersh

A set of necklaces that communicate with each other through bluetooth. When one necklace is held, the other lights up.



When I was growing up I was told that if the clasp of your necklace flipped around and touched your necklace charm, it meant that your soulmate was thinking about you. While that might be a strange notion, Jewelry is is given as a display of affection and wearing that jewelry tends to remind people of the person who gave it to them. We’ve been trying to use technology to bridge gaps between people for a long time and have only managed to create feelings of isolation. A screen cannot replace touch. When you’re apart there are only so many “thinking of you” texts that you’re going to send and it seems like such an inadequate way to communicate to someone that you feel their absence.I wanted to create an interaction that is both visual and physical but just as subtle as the kissing clasp and charm. You might not notice it every time, but when someone is thinking about you, you would experience a warmth and see a light.


Project Development Studio