Fly like an Eagle

Samuel Chasan

Fly around your favorite places on planet earth with this kinect controlled flight simulator.


I developed body-positioning Kinect-controls for the Google Earth Flight simulator. The Kinect uses the z-position & x-position of the users head as well as their hips, to determine the pitch and roll of the aircraft; and it uses the average delta in y position of the left and right hands to determine speed. This allows people to flap and lean like a bird might and then fly around the planet! 


Introduction to Computational Media, Introduction to Physical Computing

Happy Holidays in NYC

Namsoo Kim, Youjin Chung

Making a hilarious Christmas postcard in NYC


I would like to make a bit hilarious postcard which can deliver pleasure to receivers.

To begin with, users will face the hilarious gifs, and they need to mimic the pose of gifs. If users make the pose like the last pose of the gifs, the photo will be taken by using the screen capture. The photo will be composited with the decorated street of NYC's Christmas. And then, users will send the photo to others via e-mail, and they will print the card out as a hardcopy.


Comm Lab: Animation, Comm Lab: Visual Language, Introduction to Computational Media