Foodie State of Mind

Ji Young Chun

a VR documentary of my daily eating ritual.


Eating moments determine the state of my mind throughout the day. Collectively, those moments impact my entire life. I eat 2.5 times a day, so in my whole life, I will have 82125 meals and spend 82125 hours to eat ( 1 hour x 2.5 times x 365 days x 90 years). That means, I spend 10% of my life just to eat. I would like to cherish every eating moment I have in my life because it is truly a beautiful, inspiring, engaging, joyful, and holy moment.

This is a VR documentary of my daily eating ritual. I display 3D scanned selected foods that I want to commemorate as artwork on white shelves within a white, cube-shaped virtual gallery space. If the audience stand in front of the food, my Mukbang (eating video) shows up on one side of the wall. I aim to show the genuine atmosphere and emotion of the actual eating by displaying the assets captured at those moments.


Alt Docs: Inventing New Formats for Non-fiction Storytelling