ITP Winter Show 2017

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*SIGH*project image by Namsoo Kim, Youjin Chung The machine can sigh for you back.18
2 Minute Hateproject image by Fanni Fazakas The power to destroy a physical entity by the human mind.22
2077: Open Internet Archiveproject image by Samuel Hains The year is 2077 and the internet has been reduced to a pile of trash.19
8 Beatproject image by Ayal Rosenberg Beat designing toy. nothing more28
A Collage of Rivers and Mountainsproject image by Eva Yipeng Chen Create your own version of the most famous Chinese painting.17
A Winter's Taleproject image by Anne-Michelle Gallero, Jacquelyn Zen, Li-Chung Chen, Yaming Xu Turn the pages of the story book through magic17
Adjacent Chill & Read Cornerproject image by Tawania Reggler A corner for show visitors to pause and relax for a while, have some coffee, amidst the chaos that is the show.<br />18
ADMINproject image by Wenqi Li A hacked surveillance camera that creates audio and video exploring the struggle relationship between surveillance system and human beings.22
Aliveproject image by Simon Jensen, Yi Sandy Hsieh Visualize and appreciate the automated functions of your body that keep you alive, and understand that you are in full control.20
Anger Flankerproject image by Krizia Fernando, Ridwan Madon, Vidia Anindhita Anger Flanker is an arcade game-inspired interactive space that invites users to relieve anger, through physical gestures of smashing and screaming to break a virtual surface.19
AR Sandboxproject image by Richard Lapham Experiment with space, physics and occlusion in three immersive AR environments.14
AReadersproject image by Il Eun Kim Interactive AR sketchbook of NYC community21
Artificial Unintelligenceproject image by Shreiya Chowdhary Robots moving on from their pasts and following their dreams.23
augmented musicproject image by Amanda Lee I love music, and people love music.16
Baenanaproject image by Kimberly Lin Baenana is an interactive XL banana that talks about modern day romance.20
Basic Instinctsproject image by Mohammad Hossein Rahmani It's a wearable fluffy tail that is connected to your heart beat and...basically shakes when you're "excited".17
Bodegaproject image by Cristobal Valenzuela, Jennifer Lim, Scott Reitherman An immersive 24-hour web documentary about a bodega in Queens, NY.<br />16
Camerobotproject image by Chengtao Yi, Huiyi Chen, Jiyao Zhang a human camera25
Canival Ball!project image by Aidan Nelson, Yifan Liu This updated version of Skee Ball uses sensors and an arduino to bring interactive elements to the classic arcade game.19
Cello Synth Controlproject image by Ahmad Arshad, Jesse Simpson This is a sound installation where a cello is used to control a software synthesizer in the same pitch, with the ability to manipulate the sound via sensors.18
change-a-bitproject image by Sejo Vega-Cebrian A graphical computer manipulated by a string of rocks and the cumulative actions of the participants16
Chat Charadesproject image by Grau Puche Recarens, Regina Cantu De Alba Chat rooms provide the confort of annonimity, a confort that is most of the time used towards meeting new people, expressing ourselves...what if we used it to play charades with absolute strangers? Chat Charades provides the platform for Show attendees to do so.17
City Beatproject image by Ariana Vassilopoulou, Dimosthenis Markopoulos, Lindsey Piscitell, Yuan Chen Sharing in moments of connection and simple delight.23
Cosmic Breathproject image by David Temchulla Cosmic Breath is an interactive installation made up of stalks of wheat that is activated when a participant blows into a sensor, turning the participant’s breath into a natural event making the wheat field undulate as if it has been swept by a powerful gust of wind.24
CRYPT0MANIAproject image by Caleb Ferguson Cryptomania is a sculpture designed as commentary on the pandemonium surrounding cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. It pulsates with light based on real-time price changes of a particular cryptocurrency.21
Cultural Outfits from Around the world!project image by Anita Mbabazi A playful way to try out different cultural outfits digitally.17
Dance!project image by Chengchao Zhu, Yifan Liu A project that turns dancing into a fun game.20
Data Linkproject image by Jasmine A Soltani Witness optic information get sent through water by sending and receiving sound at either end17
deFACEmentproject image by Chester Dols, Carlie Yutong Zhang A drawing robot leaves its own marks on human portrait based on facial judgement.18
Emotions on Lineproject image by Yihan Chen Emotions on line is a wearable instrument that generates sound by pulling strings out of a retractable custom mechanism attached to the performer's body. To find out more please stay on line.15
Encounterproject image by Joohyun Park A close encounter with someone is the moment when each universe meets.22
Enlightenproject image by Daniel Sebastian Castano Enlighten invite you to use a light beam in order to control space illumination.14
Even Dreams Thinkproject image by Paula Leonvendagar A 3D projection of poetry generated from decontextualized dreams.20
every7SegmentWordproject image by Michael Simpson A physical object that exhaustively displays every English word that can be displayed using the limited alphabet provided by 7-Segment character displays.19
Everyday Windowsproject image by Ilana Pecis Bonder, Nicolás Peña-Escarpentier A set VR experiences to reflect on the sociopolitical aspects of everyday sexism17
Extraproject image by Nicolás Peña-Escarpentier, Stephanie Hagemeister In an era of information bombardment, do we reflect on what we’re being told?19
Feel.Liveproject image by Dong Chan Kim, Yunho Choi, Younho Lee A data storytelling driven by your feeling.18
fiveSquareproject image by Max Horwich Beautiful music and hypnotic animation are at your fingertips. With fiveSquare, if you can bend your fingers, you can play a song!18
Flappy Shadowproject image by Kai-Che Hung, Tong Wu A project that revivifies and sets free shadow puppets from your childhood memories15
Fly like an Eagleproject image by Samuel Chasan Fly around your favorite places on planet earth with this kinect controlled flight simulator.16
Foodie State of Mindproject image by Ji Young Chun a VR documentary of my daily eating ritual.15
Fragmental Lightsproject image by Jina Jung Fragmental Lights aims to capture the moment when transform my drawn or painted images into a new virtual realm.18
Gamifying Personal Financeproject image by Azalea FaghiVaseghi, Keerthana Pareddy Gamifying Personal Finance16
Glow Boxproject image by Michael Simpson, Yeseul Song A light sculpture that is able to both absorb and reproduce a graphical image.19
Good Vibrationsproject image by Barak Chamo, Jenna Xu Enter the mind of a monk in our pan-sensory brain entrainment dome.20
Great Heartproject image by Camilla Padgitt-Coles, James Schmitz A device that sonifies your heartbeat while you follow breathing visualizations which slow your heart rate down.13
Guerilla Vogue Societyproject image by Ari Melenciano A 360 degree immersive audio visual experience to explore the art of protesting.16
Halexaproject image by Utsav Chadha What if Alexa turns into Hal (2001: A Space Odyssey) ?18
Happy Holidays in NYCproject image by Namsoo Kim, Youjin Chung Making a hilarious Christmas postcard in NYC19
Heart Syncproject image by Ellen Nickles Visualize your heartbeats and see if you can sync them with others!24
I Took a Pill in Chinaproject image by Li-Chung Chen, Yuan Chen A new understanding and expression of Chinese ancient music.20
Illuminationproject image by Jason Yung Dynamic light sculpture using light and shadow17
Imitation Art Installationproject image by Hayeon / Hayley Hwang, Koji Kanao If you were Van Gogh, what would like to draw?19
Interactive bookproject image by Zahra Khosravi Interactive book designed to help children who's families are going through divorce.19
Interactive Whack-a-Moleproject image by Kellee Massey Whacking moles with a mallet for fun, points, and competitive bragging rights.17
Into the Darknessproject image by Heng Tang Explore the darkness of the universe with a brave heart!16
KNOBproject image by Anthony Bui, Brandon Newberg, Roland Arnoldt KNOB is a playful meditation on time and physicality.18
Latin America Mapproject image by Marco Guarino This project dissects 3 distinct Latin American rhythms (Samba, Cumbia, Candombe) on an abstract map of Latin America so the user can pick apart the rhythms and create "new" Latin American rhythms using traditional rhythmic patterns.20
lego sound sequencerproject image by Katherine Wu Program the sounds of your everyday world into Lego blocks.<br />13
ListenARproject image by Scott Reitherman A mixed reality app that augments Vinyl LPs.16
Love Testingproject image by Danxiaomeng Huang, Eva Yipeng Chen, Ying Tung Ella Chung There's a reason why two people stay together, they give each other something nobody else can.22
MagIc:Magnet+Musicproject image by Hayeon / Hayley Hwang MagIc is a percussion instrument generated by the movement and forces of magnets. Magnets placed against walls of acrylic cube produce rhythmic sounds and generative beat.26
MIDI Gloveproject image by Oren Shoham A wearable, wireless MIDI controller that turns finger tapping into electronic music.20
monumomentproject image by Dominic Barrett A virtual reality spatialized sound installation using the microphone to capture live audio.15
Museum of Plastic Ageproject image by Carrie Wang Museum of Plastic Age is a future museum of mysterious artifacts from the 21st century.21
Music-Visual Scrollsproject image by Brandon Kader Paint Music and Visuals with a paintbrush13
Musical Gear Tableproject image by Itay Niv Interactive audio/visual music box that is generated through human physical tempo18
Mycophiliaproject image by Yue Fan This project uses fungus networks as a metaphor to indicate how human beings can share information and distribute resources more efficiently.19
NodBangproject image by Andrew Lee Bang a beat to the nod of your head17
OH NO.project image by Hadar Ben-Tzur A game controlled by scattered black beans.22
On Sightproject image by Xinyu Hu On Sight is a performance piece where I sit in a virtual reality headset, but have no control of what I see. You, as the audience, can decide to show me any YouTube video, or reveal your face and talk to me through your webcam. You will be able to see what I am seeing right now, and a live stream of my reaction to your content.13
p5ML PONGproject image by Alejandro Matamala p5ML PONG EMOJI • Machine Learning Pong Game in the browser. <br />22
Panic Pusherproject image by Chen Chen, Yanlin Ma An installation project can push you finish your work, otherwise destroy the world.21
Pattern and Sound Seriesproject image by Katya Rozanova This is a series of minimalist, meditative pattern and synth compositions that respond to input (in this case the movement of one's right arm, perceived by a Kinect ) by reconfiguring temporarily and generating soothing or energizing noise that matches in style the visual elements of the piece.16
Philips Who?project image by Dani Woo Hyun Kim Philips Who? is an interactive and untethered smart lightbulb that is controlled real-time via WebSockets by any member of the public.16
Poem of Rebirthproject image by Haiyi Huang, Lu Wang Interactive experience that evokes audience feelings the poem through visualization and sound.15
Prediction Machinesproject image by Daniella Garcia I am creating prediction machines that lead you to your own discoveries.21
Presenceproject image by Dan Oved Presence is a kinetic sculpture that reveals features where a user is gazing.14
Private Beachproject image by Jillian Zhong Installation exploring intersections of private vs. public spaces and individual experiences within a collective experience.15
Project Wingsproject image by Chengtao Yi, Meicheng Jia Our project is a physical wing that let users wear and experience the 'flying' movement in the space.16
Psychic Experience (HoloWAVE)project image by Sean Seunghwan Kim Experience the world as a psychic through HoloWAVE!37
Real Soundproject image by Se Young Kim Visualizing surrounding music/sound from real world and place it in the real world.16
Red Seedproject image by Miao Tian A VR sci fi experience to loop through natural and artificial environments.15
Sama Danceproject image by Zohreh Zadbood Read a poem and see what a surprising will happen!16
Scenescoopproject image by Cristobal Valenzuela A tool to get similar semantic scenes from a pair of videos.20
see_._sawproject image by Lin Zhang, Mengzhen Xiao A playful work exploring new experience of familiar childhood games: seesaw and brick breaker.22
Sezproject image by Amitabh Shrivastava A wearable prototyping platform.15
Shroomproject image by Jixuan Sun, Yuhan Zhang Shroom is a collaboration game using virtual reality that enables interaction between multiple people.15
Similarity Jukeboxproject image by Marco Wylie A musical installation that demonstrates how derivative songs can be.18
Simple Mirrorproject image by YANG YANG A tribute to the legendary Wooden Mirror.19
Sophiaproject image by Alden Jones Sophia represents a revolution in consumer AI devices by combining the ingenuity of the Google Assistant with the etheric power harvested from a doll-bound ghost named Sophia.15
Sound Tentproject image by Beverly Chou, Brandon Newberg A playful, sensory space for two people to connect through interactions with sound and light.21
Spherescapeproject image by Barak Chamo, Mai Arakida Izsak Float between what was and what could have been on November 8th, 2016, as three young women would remain as always, indestructible21
Swipe Reich: Anti-Tinder for Anti-Nazisproject image by Melissa Parker Swipe Reich is a tool that uses the visual language of Tinder to make it easier to report harassment on Twitter.19
Take Me Toproject image by Stephanie Koltun Take Me To is a browser-based URL-router which exposes the physical locations of IP address hops enroute to the final webpage.16
Take the Money and Run!project image by Aidan Nelson, Simon Jensen Experience the world through a personalized bot which visits the far corners of the Earth and sends you postcards back!15
The ❤️ Machineproject image by Mohammad Rizqi Hafiyyandi Stages of falling in love : understanding, worshipping, and owning Taylor Swift.17
The cosmos in the waterproject image by yiyao nie Changing the flowing water, changing the cosmos by your hands.16
The Data Viz of NYC Trafficproject image by James Huang, Alan Peng Our data visualization project shows real-time traffic both on roads and in subway to help people understand the NYC traffic condition at a glance.20
The future forest experienceproject image by Lu Wang, Xiao Ma, Yu-Hao Ko Discovering your own future forest experience.9
The Handproject image by Nick Wallace, Tong Wu "The Hand" is an arrogant robot that plays rock, paper, scissors with human beings17
The Laser Harpproject image by Oren Shoham, Alan Peng Our laser harp is a controller that provides an interactive audio and visual experience.16
The Lingo Gizmoproject image by Elizabeth Ferguson Invent original words with the Lingo Gizmo, a fabricated mouth, teeth and tongue. Contribute to a growing new language. Listen back to new words created by the people around you.18
The Starting Lineproject image by Terrick Gutierrez, Lauren Race The Starting Line is a game powered by privilege.19
The Traffic Jamproject image by Alejandro Sanin A routine disruptive sound performance with sounds from cars and traffic!21
THE WALLproject image by Dongphil Yoo Draw your graffiti digitally and virtually on the wall with playful interactions18
Timeproject image by Huiyi Chen, Hee Gyung Sun "A time that's changing all the time - it's time to go to time!" - DHMIS19
TK1971-psyborgTiriproject image by Tiri Kananuruk A head piece that tracking position and breath, and generate live sound looper. Text score generates live21
Toys That Make Noiseproject image by Barak Chamo, Gabriel Goncalves, Mai Arakida Izsak A little dollhouse of memories comes to life through the use of Mixed Reality and a Hololens headset.17
Transmotionproject image by Barak Chamo Transmotion is an experiment in capturing the essence of meaning and emotion. A narrator and mechanical performer that capture the beauty of poetry in motion.18
VIBREATHERproject image by Stephanie Hagemeister ViBreather is an embodied mediation, sending vibrations along the spine which respond to user's inhales and exhales, enabling a radical experience of the subtle body.14
ViD3o Mashupproject image by Rebecca Skurnik A fun way to create your own abstract digital 3D art using physical controls<br />14
Waterfallproject image by Chengchao Zhu, Joohyun Park Interactive waterfall invites users to virtuality and reality, or somewhere between.17
Wikibabelproject image by Zach Coble An alternate version of Wikipedia describing an alternate universe17
Windloomproject image by Siman Li A new musical instrument inspired by old interaction of loom and wind box (bellow).13
Wish Candlesproject image by Hye Ryeong Shin, Yeonhee Lee A magical flame that grants your wishes!22
Worry Capsule Treeproject image by Hau Yuan, Xiran Yang An interactive installation tree that is able to visualize individual's worries, store the worries and send back the worries via postcards.18
YOGARproject image by Yinghua Yang YOGAR is a Mixed Reality gamified yoga app for Hololens.12