Worry Capsule Tree

Hau Yuan, Xiran Yang

An interactive installation tree that is able to visualize individual's worries, store the worries and send back the worries via postcards.



Worry Capsule Tree is an interactive installation that incorporates creative coding, physical computing as well as fabrication. The basic idea of this installation is to allow its viewers to talk to a tree about their recent worries and anxiety. In return, the tree will listen to the audience and help them “store” their worries. These stored worries will be sent back to their owners in the future as a surprise in the format of a digital postcard.

The idea of this project came from one of the two creator, Yuan’s personal experience, when he feel desperately stressful and upset due to the urgent accident or crazy schedules and deadlines, his mind would shut down, and he could barely do anything like a paralyzed soldier. Under this circumstance, he would stop doing anything and write down my thoughts, worries, and the reasons why he felt the extremely negative feelings. After I talked to my notebook or a piece of random paper, he felt relieved, and he could start to organize my mind again.

After half of a year later, when he saw my worries and thought again, the emotion has converted from negative to positive feeling. As a result, we want to transform this interaction with to a physical interaction device. We want to create a device or installation that is very approachable. You can tell all your secrets to the invention, and it will “listen” and help you store your worries and thoughts. The device will upload your thoughts to the computer, and you can set the date you want to listen to it again. In a nutshell, this is a “time capsule” of your emotions.


Introduction to Physical Computing