Pattern and Sound Series

Katya Rozanova

This is a series of minimalist, meditative pattern and synth compositions that respond to input (in this case the movement of one's right arm, perceived by a Kinect ) by reconfiguring temporarily and generating soothing or energizing noise that matches in style the visual elements of the piece.


Using P5Js I am crating a series of interactive compositions. The visual elements will create patterns on an input from a person (mouseover or in response to the movement of one's head or eyes) and generate soothing or energizing sounds that are modulated by the same input. Currently I am collaborating with Dan Oved to set up eye tracking for one of these compositions. For the rest, I plan to use p5 js face recognition as the input that triggers visual and sonic change. 


I'm uising Tone.js, written by Yotam Man.


The simple grid-like designs I am creating are inspired by Agnes Martin's paintings. 

Minimalist and sometimes intricate but always geometric and symmetrical, her work has been described as serene and meditative. Martin believed that abstract designs can illicit abstract emotions from the viewer, like happiness, love, freedom. Her work reminds me of music for that reason.


Introduction to Computational Media