The future forest experience

Lu Wang, Xiao Ma, Yu-Hao Ko

Discovering your own future forest experience.


We are creating a future forest experience for audience.

During the interaction, the audience will explore how to change the sketches as well as the music.

At the beginning of the interaction, we are going to place the sand in a beautiful landscape look inspired by the Japanese rock garden.Then the audiences will start playing with the sand and 'ruin' the scene and 'create' their own scene by interacting with the sand. The Kinect will track the audiences' motion and performing them in the sketches.

The sketches are simulating the nature but more in a digital way by drawing all the elements in coding and in a future style.

The musics are all in electronic style but fit the sketches perfectly. And the audiences will put the earphone on for the best experience.

We have almost finished the whole project so we just need to make it more perfect.


Introduction to Computational Media