The Traffic Jam

Alejandro Sanin

A routine disruptive sound performance with sounds from cars and traffic!


The traffic Jam is a new project that came to life when Physical Computing class allowed different interests to join into this newborn Project. The bad traffic of my hometown Bogota, how that affects us all in a very negative way, and the love for sound and music joined to make room for a playful experimental experience. It pretends to raise awareness of our challenges regarding the transport technologies, our way of inhabiting the big cities and also about the paradox between sound as noise or as a beautiful element. The idea is that this instrument or toy, can be played by anybody and will also allow enough room to create interesting sound pieces ranging from very peaceful to stressing noisy one’s. Different car sounds can be played at the same time creating a soundscape that is always changing, as the notes in a Jazz jam session. There are different possibilities to play with this idea and the exhibition space. People could use the instrument. The experience would be customizable to the available space.


Introduction to Physical Computing