Intelligent Selfie Filter

Chian Huang

This intelligent filter will recognize user's emotion and generate different filters



This intelligent selfie filter is based on user's emotion. Normally, the user has to select a filter style before or after taking a selfie. What if the user is able to take a selfie, and the intelligent selfie filter is able to recognize their emotions (facial expressions or gestures) and generates a corresponding filter style based on the user emotion.


Machine Learning for the Web

Cosmic Forest

Joohyun Park

A virtual world synthesized with latent representation of forest sounds.



You are now standing at virtual forest. Take a moment to look around and listen. All sounds here are the LATENT REPRESENTATION of real forests. You are listening to the meaningful features of forest sound encoded and decoded through latent space with deep neural networks.


Generative Music, Machine Learning for the Web, The Neural Aesthetic