Sharifa's Workstation

Lauren Race, Simon Jensen

A custom workstation, built with Human-Centered Design, for a client who has Muscular Dystrophy, that allows her to work from home.



Custom, assistive workstation that allows for supported elbows and wrists while using laptop and having meals in bed. It eliminates need for heat-producing blankets as elbow props.


Developing Assistive Technologies


Azalea FaghiVaseghi, Amitabh Shrivastava, Lauren Race

CaricaTron is an open-source robotic caricature artist from the future.


Midway caricature art is traditionally done by human beings. But, what would a caricature artist from the future look like?
Robotic. Definitely robotic.
CaricaTron takes your picture, converts it to a caricature using computer vision, draws you with a robotic arm and posts the caricature to @helloCaricaTron on Instagram.


Pop Up Window Displays