Pulling off a “Bank Heist” remotely by signing in real-time

Jason Tse


BankHeist is a network interface that makes remote signing possible. Imagine you are in a situation that requires you to sign a physical document overseas, possibly for banking or legal purposes, but your tight schedule or cost of travel restricts you from leaving your current location. Especially during a pandemic, it becomes impossible to travel abroad to finish such a task in a safe fashion.

This is where BankHeist comes into play. By gathering the signer and the receiver in the same secure virtual signing room, utilizing and Crypto.js, the digital signature/strokes on the signer end will be transferred to the receiver's end. Once the receiver's computer receives the signature data, it will be translated into serial commands which then drives the AxiDraw machine over a USB connection, to essentially turn the digital signals into a physical signature on a piece of paper. When the signing session is being conducted, the receiver and signer will be connected with a video conference call (e.g. Zoom) to prove their physical presents while the signature is being sent over the internet. Not only it eliminates the physical distance restriction, but it also adds an extra layer of security to the entire signature process. It is far more secure than digital signature solutions available in the market, for instance, “DocuSign”, where users can easily replicate a signature, or sign for another person if they have access to the signer's computer.

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