The Genesis

Create a new universe by your hands.

Minjun Kim, Zi Xun Meng


We created an experiential project with dynamic visual effects and sounds from the deep universe. Everything in the universe comes from the singularity and first cause and first cause. The player will act as the creator of the universe, giving the universe its first driving force and deeply participating in its construction.

ITPG-GT.2233.00007, ITPG-GT.2048.00007
ICM, ICM – Media

Breathe IN/OUT, Float UP/DOWN

Devices that enhance meditative experiences in both remote and physical locations, acknowledging that meditation is a communal, multi-sensory practice.

Eden Chinn, Lucas Wozniak, Mee Ko, Rajshree Saraf,


The user wears a belt with a stretch sensor attached, measuring the user’s breath. As the stretch sensor moves with the expansion of the chest, its data is recorded and utilized to manipulate remote and physical objects. There are two variations on this output for our project:

REMOTE/SERVER COMMUNICATION: Different people can wear breath sensors in different locations. Together, their breathing patterns create an output on p5. In our p5 sketch, the breathing is signified by a feather animation moving up and down. Both users' breathing patterns create this change collaboratively.

PHYSICAL INSTALLATION: The stretch sensor allows breath to become a controller that manipulates physical phenomena. An installation of yarn pompoms is suspended from a frame and moves in reaction to the wearer’s inhalation and exhalation.

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p5 link:

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Journey to Xotera

Journey to Xotera is a guided interactive storytelling experience— set in outer space— designed to encourage participants to rethink how they use of their imagination.

Hayden Carey


Journey to Xotera is an interactive role-playing experience. Think of it as larping (live-action role-playing) that takes place on Zoom. The companion app allows for real-time interactivity.

How it works: Each Zoom guest is assigned the role of an astrobiologist looking for life on other planets. As your CampCom, I am guiding you on the inaugural mission to Xotera, an exo-planet that could one day be an Alternative Earth.

Using Zoom, real-world objects, and the interactive app, guests will be asked to communicate with their fellow astrobiologist teammates, reimagine everyday items as pieces of in-world texture, play mini-games, and, most importantly, opt into using their imaginations.

In this performative Zoom experience, guests are reminded how fun it is to tap into their childlike instincts. Children are inventive; nothing is out of bounds. Journey to Xotera encourages adults to question what it means to play. By the end, I hope guests hold onto their imagination, which hopefully the experience has inspired.

See the Companion App here:

See the Mission Control Center here:

Critical Experiences, Connections Lab, Connections Lab

“OfficersForEthics”: A Hypothetical Non-Lethal LEO Outreach Campaign

Attention must be brought to the needless death's that LEO's inflict on under served US populations one impactful PSA at a time.

Christopher Wray


This project was created to bring attention to the increase of deaths among undeserved citizens of the United States. The hope was to show (in this case) the usage of stun guns in situations that have paralleled some of the highest profile police brutality cases today. I want to illustrate that you “don't” have to shoot to kill in these tense interactions.

Video Links

PSA #1 –

PSA #2 –

PSA #3 –

Critical Experiences
Culture,Social Good/Activism

The Sommers

This is our retelling of the story of Icarus & Daedalus.

Patrick Warren, Monni Qian


In this retelling of the Greek myth of Icarus and Daedalus, we initially aimed to create a purely audio experience. After we completed that, we decided that it would be fun to create a visual to go along with it. In an ideal setting, this would be projected into a corner at room scale. For this YORB experience, we believe that it would be best for the viewer to get up close to the screen and try to become immersed in it.

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Out of Order: Storytelling + Technology (Online), Out of Order: Storytelling + Technology (Online)

No Present, No Past, No Future

Meditative Sound Art

Russell Ladson


No Present, No Past, No Future is an exploration into understanding our perception of time. Using the Tibetan singing bowl, No Present, No Past, No Future attempts to visualize how the bowl observes and records time. It recognizes that our perception of time is a close examination of our existence – realizing that we, like time, are evolving or devolving towards nothingness.


water imagination

Simulate the environment in my day dreaming


I want to simulate a immersive experience about walking on the water(from my imagination). In my original plan I will use projector to post my project on the floor. And if the user walk on it there will be water ripples and piano sound for each step. And there will also be some jellyfishes swim around the player's feet. But since I am not in NYC right now, I can't borrow any equipments from the lab. So I transform it into a online version, and player can interact with it via mouse.

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Applications, Creative Computing


Audio-reactive LEDs driven by madMapper are embedded within an aluminum channel, spinning continuously via a NEMA23 motor mounted to a modular base, controlled by an Arduino.

Nicole Cabalquinto


Audio-reactive LEDs driven by madMapper are embedded within an aluminum channel, spinning continuously via a NEMA23 motor mounted to a modular base, controlled by an Arduino.

Designing for Digital Fabrication
Product Design

Exquisite Corpse (2020)

A digital take on the Surrealist drawing game…for the age of wearable tech.

Ami Mehta


Exquisite Corpse (2020) is an interactive installation inspired by the original Surrealist drawing game, Exquisite Corpse, in which players take turns drawing body parts on a sheet of paper, folding it to conceal their contributions, and then passing it to the next person to add to.

In this remixed digital version, users are invited to collectively design an “Exquisite Corpse” for the age of wearable tech using their personal devices (e.g. smartphone and computer). Instead of generating pictures of a head, torso, or legs when the corresponding buttons are tapped, the site displays images of those body parts as transformed by wearables today. The resulting visual juxtapositions can be both amusing and absurd…

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Control your room and computer with a sensor so intuitive, you can use it in your sleep!

Sean Zhu


Control your room and computer with a sensor so intuitive, you can use it in your sleep!

WallTap is a wired capacitive touch sensor that is easily mountable on any wall, or any other fixed surface. It has a huge surface area gives the user a very easy-to-reach control that can be programmed to do anything they want, and is something that they can activate without looking at a display — or at anything at all!

The current prototype must be attached to a computer and all touch actions must be initiated from the computer. The eventual goal would be for the device to be able flip switches, and to communicate with smart home devices. But even with the current limitations, WallTap has completely changed my bedtime experience, allowing me to control my music and turn off my “lights” without getting up, or worse, starting at a brightly-lit display.

WallTap has a secondary goal. The modern concept of smart home devices has become entangled with the concepts of luxurious pricing, wireless connectivity, and online accounts. With WallTap we attempt to buck these trends by creating “dumb smart home device” that is just as functional, without concerns of price, interference, or privacy.

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