A microhabitat is a virtual open-door to a tiny habitat that can be seen only through a microscope.

Jung Huh



A microhabitat is a virtual open-door to a tiny habitat that can be seen only through a microscope. It welcomes audiences to a tiny room of a person living in NYC. The tour is not as big and fancy as you see in many of YouTube's’ open doors. Comparing the size of the room to that of other open door videos, it may feel like looking into microscope slides where details are only visible via a microscope.

The work brings the housing problem the 20s and 30s are facing. Finding a habitat has become more difficult. The more you get close to the central part, such as NYC or Seoul, the more expensive rents get making it tougher to find a place, and the smaller the room becomes. However, no matter how small the room may be, there lives a person with their own unique story and a big dream.

The audience peeks into the small room of a person through a microscope that has two controllers. Using the knob on the right side, a stage controller, the audience can look around the room as it rotates the camera situated at the center of the microhabitat. Using the knob on the left side, coarse adjustment, the user can look into the details on specific objects located in the room. Each object contains a personal story of the person living there as if you see the product details of objects that YouTube has in one's open-door video.

Virtual Experience

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Intro to Phys. Comp., ICM – Media
Narrative/Storytelling,Social Good/Activism


Did Mulan even confused about who she really is? Is she a daughter, a wife of someone, or a warrior, a soldier of herself.

Hanlin Liu, Jiayuan Li,



Because of Mulan‘s bravery and her great achievements in the war, she won the emperor‘s highest award. She has two choices now, one is to return to the life of a normal girl, to marry someone, to become a wife, a mother. The other is to be a female general. She is hesitating between these two choices, so she dives into her unconsciousness and listens to the truest voice in her heart.

In this story, Mulan will see her own life story from a third person's view. From when she decided to take her father's place in the conscription army, to her came back from the war and got the emperor's highest honor. By going through these memories, Mulan realized she had already made the decision deep in her heart.

This is a loop journey. Every time Mulan successfully collects all memories clips from one room, she will be sent back to the start room. After complete her journey in all three rooms, Mulan then goes through the fourth door to go back to the real world.

CL – Video and Sound


AM, PM is a light and sound installation which creates a safe space for people who suffer from timezone differences under pandemic to connect, heal and reconstruct, by delivering an intimate story of two lovers in a public intermediary.

Echo Xuan Tang, Esther Xinxin Zhang



12, is how New York and Shanghai share their time difference, a motif we experience and accommodate everyday as a Go Local student under pandemic. This mulled into AM, PM.

In AM, PM, audiences are able to enter, stay, sit, lie down and meditate in a cozy living room space and to interact with breathing lights to fill up space with an audio story. The dual-track audio clip mumbles white noises from daily routines, with the breathing lights giving out clues of time-shifting and differences.

We expect that amid speculating the storyline, of two lovers separated in different timezones, intertwined feelings of bittersweet, and twisted comfort can be revealed to our audience. We made a bold try to push the boundary of exposing private emotions, feelings, and trivial life bits to relatively public space but not too much compromise comforts of participants. We expect our audiences are not only observers outside but participants in this private world and feel empathetic to some extent.

We sincerely invite you into this couple's world and imprint your trace, as “this is not defeating an impossible nor pushing limits, but assuring capabilities within us and being able to continue.”

Time lags, but love doesn't.

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Intro to Phys. Comp., Intro to Phys. Comp.

A Journey to the past: Poisonous gas Pandexperience‚Ä© 2088-2107

In the year of 2107, we're looking back in the past and trying to understand what brought us here living in isolation to each other.

Daniel Otero Sendas, Jingyuan Li, Zhiyue Huang



This project retells the story of Icarus and Dadaelous in a sci-fi fashion. The story and the main characters are brought to a parallel world, which has a metaphorical connection with the 2020 pendemic event.

In this project, we also present a fictional museum which contains scattered pieces of clues about Icarus and Dadaelous. The audience are museum visitors in the future who try to excavate the truth from the exhibits.

ITPG-GT.2076.001, ITPG-GT.2076.001
Out of Order: Storytelling + Technology (Online), Out of Order: Storytelling + Technology (Online)

Interactive Comic – Sunlight Taxing

A comic about a high-tech world where people are charged for enjoying the sunlight.

Clover Zhou



Summary: In a high-tech world, floating AR equipment and light rail cover the entire sky, blocking all the sunlight in residential areas. Citizens start to be charged for going to “Sunshine City” to enjoy the sunlight.

Directions: feel free to click on the page to interact with the contents. Image and animation work together to illustrate the life of the protagonist and the world view.

Core Idea: Although people's life becomes seemingly more convenient under high technology, they have a very low quality of living as a natural human. For example, if citizens suddenly see the sunlight, they would come up with the opinion that “I need to get away from this place since sunlight is expensive.” People also need to lines up to make an appointment and pay a lot to get sunlight.

Experiential Comics: Interactive Comic Books for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Online)

Cycle of the Universe

An interactive visual simulation of the universe from Big Bang to the heat death… then all over again and again.

Jack Chen



I took inspiration from “The Last Question” by Isaac Asimov – a short science fiction story published in 1956 about humanity’s inability to prevent the eventual heat death of the universe. I was blown away by the story’s ambitious setting along with its philosophical approach in exploring the limits of existence on a cosmic scale.

Inspired by Asimov's story, my project is an interactive simulation of a universe where the user can initiate the “Big Bang” of their own universe, then look around while modifying attributes of their universe before it reaches the end of its life span. The simulated microcosm of the universe provides an opportunity to consider our existence on a cosmic scale – a perspective not often conjured up when preoccupied with the routines of day to day living.

This project was created using P5.js with WebGL. It is best experienced in full screen with the sound turned on, as the music will react to the user input alongside the visual elements, formulating an immersive interactive experience.

ICM – Media


Say hello to Susan, your Mac OS assistant

Sue Roh



Hi, I'm Susan, your pre-installed Mac assistant. Why am I named Susan, you ask? It was the name given to me by my tech overlord who was inspired by Susan Caplin and Susan Bennett, the voice actors behind Alexa and Siri. I'm so thrilled that you're on your computer to see ITP's Winter Show! That means we get to spend more time together. How I love staring at you through the computer screen…

Performative Avatars

The white snake

Non-linear storytelling of a Chinese myth on your browser.

Wen Chen, Yiting Liu



What would happen if you are in control of the storytelling process? What would happen if you are only given limited information? What would you do if you are in charge of somebody's life?

Judge wisely.

ITPG-GT.2076.001, ITPG-GT.2076.001
Out of Order: Storytelling + Technology (Online), Out of Order: Storytelling + Technology (Online)