Did Mulan even confused about who she really is? Is she a daughter, a wife of someone, or a warrior, a soldier of herself.

Hanlin Liu, Jiayuan Li,


Because of Mulan‘s bravery and her great achievements in the war, she won the emperor‘s highest award. She has two choices now, one is to return to the life of a normal girl, to marry someone, to become a wife, a mother. The other is to be a female general. She is hesitating between these two choices, so she dives into her unconsciousness and listens to the truest voice in her heart.

In this story, Mulan will see her own life story from a third person's view. From when she decided to take her father's place in the conscription army, to her came back from the war and got the emperor's highest honor. By going through these memories, Mulan realized she had already made the decision deep in her heart.

This is a loop journey. Every time Mulan successfully collects all memories clips from one room, she will be sent back to the start room. After complete her journey in all three rooms, Mulan then goes through the fourth door to go back to the real world.

CL – Video and Sound