Blooming is an interactive art installation of a serial about seeing and appraising all kinds of life styles. The whole process is accomplished through showing unique plant for each participant and bringing relaxing experience for the participant and viewers.

Jingyuan Li, Junzhu Zhang, Yilin Zou


What kind of lifestyles or habits are defined as “perfect”? Are we hiding our lifestyles out of the fear to be isolated by others?

In this project, we are recognizing and presenting the lifestyles of different individuals to reduce misunderstanding. To visualize lifestyles, we use flowers and plants which will change according to the movement and characteristics of different individuals, and map the pattern behind the furniture which represents one specific lifestyle.

Intro to Phys. Comp.

Visual translator

The Relationshin between what is visual and what is Auditory.

Ahmed Mostafa


The project will mainly be about giving the user the opportunity to manipulate the sound through a musical note based mainly on converting the values sent from the sensor to the three-color RGB while moving images and color prints and the output will be unexpected and prior to manipulation, besides the sound as a result we will use the same values to build visual areas moving And display it on the wall facing the user.

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Intro to Phys. Comp., ICM – Media

composite performer

A musical performance synthesizing two humans – a dancer and a singer, into one digital avatar

Gil Sperling


A “live” musical performance, using two performers to create a digital avatar – a singer animating the face, and a dancer animating the body.

The dancer's movement is recorded through a motion capture bodysuit, and the singer's facial expressions are captured by the iPhone's ARCore. Both are streamed live into the Unreal Engine game environment. The video image of both performers is also streamed and forms part of the virtual performance space, showing the physical and digital bodies side by side.


Jordan Rutter – singer

Stacy Grossfield – dancer


Cold Genius aria from King Arthur by Henry Purcell


Performative Avatars

Sun and Us

Creating a symphony between us and nature.

Yiting Liu


This project gets the field recording based on the location of the International Space Station's longitude and altitude and the altitude, distance, and zenith angle of the sun when there is no person engaging. When there are people in the environment recognized by the webcam, the distortion of the field recording will be more vibrant, creating a symphony between humans and nature.

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Out of Order: Storytelling + Technology (Online), ITP Weather Band