During Quarantine

Interactive light installations about our quarantine time.

Hanlin Liu, Jiahui Zhu



This year was so special. Standing at the end of 2020 and looking back, COVID was THE topic that no one could ignore. Study remotely and being alone changed the experience of studying in ITP. However, this special experience triggered my inspiration for making something of this topic. Two projects were made with the idea of During Quarantine. One is called New York Sunrise. I made a Sun of the real-time in New York. Due to the time difference, a lot of classes were given at midnight in Beijing. So I was thinking about making another Sun for myself. The other is the Life Cell. It is an interactive light installation that has several light 'cells'. Each cell will light up when audiences get closer to it and reveal a person's life in the cell. When the light inside is off, the audience can see nothing but a blank light shade. We want to use the interaction, getting closer, to express how people long to be connected with others during the quarantine.

ITPG-GT.2301.00001, ITPG-GT.2040.001
Intro to Phys. Comp., Time
Art,Product Design