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Live Web (ITP Spring 2024)

Live Web (IMA Fall 2023)

Live Web (ITP Spring 2023)

Live Web (ITP Spring 2022)

Live Web (IMA Spring 2022)

Live Web (ITP Summer 2021)

Networked Media (IMA Spring 2021)

Connect! (ITP Spring 2021)

Creative Computing (IMA Fall 2020)

Live Web (ITP Fall 2020)

Veillance (ITP Spring 2020)

Networked Media (IMA Spring 2020)

Live Web (ITP Fall 2019)

Veillance (ITP Spring 2019)

Networked Media (IMA Spring 2019)

Live Web (Fall 2018)

Dynamic Web Development (Spring 2018)

Live Web (Fall 2017)

ICM (Fall 2017)

Networked Media (Summer 2017)

Always On, Always Connected (Spring 2017)

Networked Media (Spring 2017)

Live Web (Fall 2016)

Live Web (Spring 2016)

Always On, Always Connected (Spring 2016)

Mobile Media (Shanghai J-Term 2016)

ICM (Fall 2015)

Live Web (Fall 2015)

Surveillance Documentary (Spring 2015)

Always On, Always Connected (Spring 2015)

Comm Lab Networked Media (Section 2 Fall 2014)

Comm Lab Networked Media (Section 1 Fall 2014)

Live Web (Fall 2014)

Surveillance Documentary (Spring 2014)

Always On, Always Connected (Spring 2014)

Comm Lab Web (Section 2 Fall 2013)

Comm Lab Web (Section 1 Fall 2013)

Live Web (Fall 2013)

Always On, Always Connected (Spring 2013)

Live Experimental Interactive Television (Fall 2011)

Mobile Media (Fall 2010)

Live Experimental Interactive Television (Spring 2010)

Mobile Media (Spring 2010)

Live Web (Fall 2009)

ICM Web (Fall 2009)

Redial: Interactive Telephony (Spring 2009)

Mobile Me(dia) (Spring 2009)

Introduction to Computational Media (Fall 2008)

Live Web

Producing Participatory Media (Summer 2008)

Mobile Me(dia) (Spring 2008)

Redial: Interactive Telephony (Fall 2007)

Producing Participatory Media (Spring 2007)

Producing Participatory Media (Summer 2006)

Producing Participatory Media (Spring 2006)

Producing Participatory Media (Spring 2005)

Introduction to Computational Media (Fall 2006)

Introduction to Computational Media (Fall 2005)

Redial: Interactive Telephony (Fall 2006)

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