Contributing to Open Source Projects

Time/Date: Tuesday Jan 20, 5PM – 6PM

Instructor: Jason Sigal


This workshop will empower you to contribute to open source coding projects. We’ll use p5.js as an example. We’ll cover licenses, structure, GitHub etiquette and project-specific guidelines. We’ll look at some of the tools you may need to set up your development environment, including the most popular JavaScript-specific build tools like Grunt and Gulp. We’ll also look at popular methods for writing tests and generating documentation.


Some coding experience is helpful but we’ll also cover contributions that do not involve code, like filing bug reports and adding documentation.

Projection Mapping with Processing and Madmapper

Time/Date: Tuesday Jan 20, 4PM – 5PM

Instructors: John Farrell and Dan Melancon


Learn how to take projection projects to the next level by using MadMapper to do projection mapping. We will demonstrate the basics of projection mapping, as well as how to integrate Arduino and Processing to do live, interactive graphical projections.


Download the free trial of MadMapper at You can also find it for free if you look around. Import the Syphon library in Processing (Sketch > Import Library > Add Library, search “syphon”). Please clone this github repo as well:

Web Audio API

Time/Date: Tuesday Jan 20, 3PM – 4PM

Instructors: Jason Sigal


Learn the basics of sound processing and synthesis for web applications.

We’ll work directly with the Web Audio API—no libraries.


Some familiarity with JavaScript. Bring a laptop with a code editor and any major web browser except for Internet Explorer.
– Web Audio API spec:
– O’Reilly Web Audio Book Chapter 1

ICM Review, Object Oriented Programing

Time/Date: Tuesday Jan 20, 11:00PM – 2:00PM

Instructor: Mimi Yin

Description: Review of objected oriented programming and introduction to advanced topics not covered in ICM including inheritance and polymorphism (time-allowing).


Review ICM Videos 8.0 – 8.5

Review Chapter 8 – Learning Processing


View Nature of Code videos 4.4 – 4.7

Read Nature of Code – Chapter 4