Connecting Everything with Node

Time/Date: Friday Jan 23, 3pm-4pm

Instructor: Andy Sigler


One of the skills ITPers acquire is the ability to “connect” different mediums together. Using NodeJS, we will go over how to connect the common tools used at ITP (Processing, Max, Arduino, HTML5) using serial communication, WebSockets, OSC, and Bluetooth LE (time permitting).


Please come with NodeJS installed on your laptop. To follow along, also have Processing and an Arduino. We won’t have too much time to go over Javascript basics, so beginner level JS is assumed.

Intro to Digital Audio Recording

Time/Date: Saturday Jan 24, 4pm-5pm

Instructor: Devin Curry


This workshop will cover fundamental concepts of audio and the basics of setting up a recording in Logic (but these ideas are applicable to Ableton Live and other DAWs as well). It will also include an overview of Logic’s music production tools, as well as general mixing principles. No software is required for this class, but having Logic on your machine will help.

Math for Artists (2 hours)

Time/Date: Saturday Jan 24, 3pm-5pm (the session may not take the full 2 hours)

Instructors: Amelia Winger-Bearskin and Martha Winger-Bearskin


1st 30 minutes of class will be a short art history lesson in relevant movements in Contemporary Art that have used algorithmic thinking and mathematical concepts. The rest of the class will be a mini Art/math hackathon. Come early for a free art  history talk , come late to hack.

Natural Language Processing with Python

Time/Date: Saturday Jan 24, 3pm-4pm

Instructor: Ross Goodwin


This class will explore much of the same material as my October 23rd flyby, but with less emphasis on code poetry and more emphasis on general NLP techniques in Python.

For a preview of material to be covered, check out this GitHub repo:


Please bring an Mac laptop with Git installed. Those with PCs are welcome to attend, but may have to partner up with others, as Python can be difficult to run on a PC.

Data Structures and Common Design Patterns

Time/Date: Saturday Jan 24, 11am-2pm

Instructor: Michael Oneppo


As you write more and more code, you might find some yourself writing similar things over and over again. We’ll look at some of the most common coding patterns, across all environments. Some topics include hashing and maps, events, the visitor pattern, and synchronous vs. asynchonous programming.


Some experience coding, e.g. Processing or Arduino. No computers necessary.

C++ and Cinder

Time/Date: Saturday Jan 24, 11am-2pm

Instructor: Ryan Bartley


C++ and Cinder are amazing and powerful tools, but often the question becomes, “Where to begin?” Here is the answer. We’ll cover a lot of the in’s and out’s of c++ and see some of the inner workings of Cinder. Come have fun. I’ll show you that you don’t have to be scared of either. We’ll also learn how important errors are to learning the language. Hopefully, by the end of the day you’ll be programming in xcode, wanting to see errors.