Time/Date: Saturday Jan 24, 3pm-4pm

Instructor: Maximo Sica

18 thoughts on “Semiotics”

  1. Hi, dear residents!
    Is there gonna be a brief description of what this session is about? Semiotics seems to be an interesting topic and also a HUGE one..Just wanna get an idea.
    Thank you!!!

    1. Hi Eli,
      It’s definitely a huge field, and given the time constrain, but more important, my own limitations, I thought about going over some issues that might be helpful for what we do at ITP. I was thinking to first go over some concepts around the sign, then talk about some big moments of media (such as: writing, books, tv, internet), its particularities and its effects, and finally explore the characteristics of some types of discourses such us the political or the advertising. I’m working on it, so i don’t know if its more than enough or short but if you or anyone has a specific interest let me know.

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