Shameless Self Promotion w/ Alon & Ziv

Time/Date: Friday Jan 22nd, 3-4pm

Instructors: Alon & Ziv


After spending hours soldering, coding, hacking and fabricating -your awesome interactive project is finally ready. Hooray! Now it’s time to share your creativity with the world. A well documented project could give you the opportunity to present it in international festivals or receive some feedback from the global interactive community.

This workshop would give you a step by step guide to video documentation and online promotion in blogs, festivals, social networks and on Vimeo . We’ll explore the ways you could identify & reach specific online communities, how to find and submit your press kit to specific blogs & how Vimeo could help you target and analyze your audience.

3D tracking in After Effects w/ Alon Chitayat

Time/Date: Friday Jan 22nd 1-2pm

Instructor: Alon Chitayat


After Effects is a powerful tool to create a fast visual mock to communicate your idea before you dive into coding.

In this After Effects session we’ll learn the magic behind 3D Tracking and create some poetry in motion and add some zombies to the floor.

We’ll learn:
1. How to use AFX to analyze a footage and create a 3D camera
2. How to add text /graphics that will match our camera motion
3. How to export our final movie




3D Camera Tracking Tutorials:

Fast 2 minutes overview – including shadow catcher and lights:

Here is a frame from the video to show how to create a shadow catcher and light:

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 9.13.10 PM

In-depth tutorial:

Mask out element to look like they are behind:


Masking out people from the frame to help solve camera:





p5.js + Kinect, FaceTracker, Ableton using OSC w/ Gene Kogan

Time/Date: Tuesday Jan 20, 11:00PM – 2:00PM

Instructor: Gene Kogan

Description: Using Node, we can use OSC (open sound control) with p5.js, letting us get Kinect data, FaceTracker, Max, LeapMotion, AbletonLive and countless other applications and peripherals to interact with our p5 sketches that we couldn’t before.

This workshop will demonstrate how to set it up and how to create sketches with these applications integrated.

Prerequisites: none required, though it would be helpful to know how to use p5.js at a basic level.