We’re looking for new ways for alumni reconnect with the program and current students. As always, you’re welcome to drop by the winter and spring ITP shows, to see the amazing work the latest batch of students are producing. And we’d love to know if you have any big news– a performance and exhibit, an award, a job, a project launch– send your announcements in, and we’ll post them on the ITP website for all to see.

Also, please use the special ITP alumni edition of Voice From The Past, a project by Jorge Just, ITP ’10. Voice From The Past lets you send voicemail messages to people you know, and delivers them in the future. This new Alumni Edition lets past ITPers leave wisdom and advice to the next generation of students. Voice messages will be delivered to the ITP student list, one per day, beginning next September. To use Voice From The Past Alumni Edition, simply call 1-646-918-5130 and leave a message for future students.

Voice From The Past

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