Garrad Bradley

How to Overcome the World: The Graphic Novel

An interactive graphic novel for the iPad about a young boy who follows his deceased grandmother into a fantastic and disturbing new world.


The app is a lead-in to my forthcoming novel, How to Overcome the World, to be published as an ebook. The story revolves around Petey Miller, a teenage boy whose life is changed when his grandmother dies. Soon after, he sees her on a riverbank near his home and follows her into an alternate reality, where she is now a young woman with a different name and a different life.

This project consists of an iPad app developed as a promotional tool to give readers a preview of the larger story. The app is a graphic novel preview of the eBook, and contains interactive elements and artwork to help immerse readers into this unique story.

I've had the idea for How to Overcome the World in my mind, in its current version, for at least the last five years, and the general theme for a story like this in mind for at least a decade. This past Christmas, my own grandmother passed away. This sad event made me think about the story I've had inside of me for so long and created an intense desire for me to work on and finish it, as a tribute to her.

I was inspired to create an eGraphic Novel version of my story as my thesis project after seeing examples of stories, such as Alice for the iPad, that were transferred to the iPad with success.

My target audience includes general readers in the fantasy, science fiction, and coming of age genres, as es readers of eBooks and comics for the iPad

User Scenario
Users swipe to the left on the iPad to advance the story and zoom in on each detailed image/frame.

I worked with a talented illustrator to storyboard and create eye catching visuals from selected scenes of my book. I also worked with the Corona development environment to program the graphic novel for use on the iPad

It's hard writing a book and creating a digital comic, but it's fun too.