Christie Leece
Mark Breneman
Michael Uzzi
Ryan Viglizzo

Nature Calls

A mobile-phone based camera trap for animal studies, enabling remote access to the photographs, embedded geolocation data and customizable features to suit various research goals.

Wildlife Observation Tools: Interaction in the Wild

Nature Calls is a mobile phone-based camera trap for animal behavioral studies. With researcher workflow and harsh climates in mind, we designed a camera trap that transfers photographs remotely, is completely compartmentalized for easy maintenance, is entirely waterproof, and is minimally disruptive to wildlife. The trap is distinct from off-the-shelf models in that it uses a mobile phone, opening up the world of real-time data analysis, remote data transfer, location stamping, and a host of customizable features for various research objectives.

Field researchers, animal behavior enthusiasts

User Scenario
The camera, sensor, and flash are mounted to a tree and the researcher uses the touch screen interface to start the application. The arduino and battery housings sit at the base of the tree. When the PIR sensor is triggered, the phone takes a picture. When days have passed, the researcher will go out to gather the images. Since there is no cell/wifi in the jungle, the researcher will go to the phone, turn on bluetooth on a separate handheld device, and download the images from the phone without breaking open the waterproof case. If the battery needs changing, they can also do that it without moving the camera or any related sensors or arduino.