Art Channel

Amanda Gelb, Katevisuth Sukpisan

An interactive personal music video that let you dance with the animated art from the Cooper Hewitt collection.


**** This project would be a part of UX LAB: A journey into the Cooper Hewitt ****

**** Prefer you to watch this VDO ****

Change perceptions of the museum from a boring and too conceptual place into a fun and interesting place through the Cooper Hewitt Museum website. The idea is… “Viewing art should be as fun as watching other web entertainments.” So, we are going to make the collection of the Cooper Hewitt come alive with a personal music video that integrates the art collection, song, together with your own move through a web cam.

How it works:

1. Enter the site.

2. Select the theme. (Each them has a few animated images and song.)

3. Learn about the collection before get started.

4. Start making your VDO.

5. Save or share your VDO.

6. Done and explore other collections.


Creative Javascript, Dynamic Web – Server, Mashups – Creating With Web APIs, User Experience Design