Jewliebots: open-source programmable jewelry

Maria Paula Saba

Jewliebots is a set of interactive jewelry that can be programmed through a graphical interface, with the goal of raising girls interest in Computer Science and Technology.


Jewliebots is an open source library of wearables that allows users to customize their own electronic jewelry through a graphical programming interface. The goal is to engage and increase girls interest in the workings of technology by showing them that coding can be also beautiful.

Jewliebots are designed to be fashionable and attractive, gathering interest of girls from all ages. The hardware include LEDs, buttons and sensors that change aesthetics of the jewel according to the code uploaded. The jewel can be customized by generating algorithms through a block-programming style language. Circuits are embedded in 3D printed cases, baked polymer clay and laser-cut parts and it has been tested in bracelets, necklaces and phone cases.