Mnemonic Table

Saki Hayashi

Mnemonic Table is a smart building sets which memorises all the past configurations, display them online and connects social networking.


By creating different combinations of a piece of space, the players can develop their spatial language and poetry making ability, as well as social skills with other players. The players can place landscapes, people, and animals and keep displaying it in your house.

Initially what inspired me to create “Mnemonic Table” was the game of the chess. Specifically, the fact that there are so many people that have created various versions of the same figurines that represent the same pieces of play. The popularity of the game involves much more than just the theory behind it: tactile feedback, the materiality, the shape and the appearance of pieces also play a great role. Consequentially, architectural toys have always been quite popular from childhood to adulthood such as Eams’ ‘House of Cards’, Terada Mokei, and Legos. I wanting to create a new architectural educational-tech toy, as I am wondering why there are not more that are not more that exist at present.


Live Image Processing and Performance, Project Development Studio (Marina Zurkow)