Sanniti Pimpley

PrintO-Bot is an inkjet printer on wheels. This robot can print on almost any flat surface- no matter how large or what material it is made of. It is very cheap and you can even build it yourself!


There's a lot of interest in the hobbyist & maker community regarding printing your own designs on a variety of materials for aesthetic purposes. The PrintO-Bot allows us to do this very easily on any reasonably flat surface- wood/stone/ fabric/PCB/ any floor.

The PrintO-Bot is essentially an inkjet printer hacked into, modified and put on wheels. The printer here has its nozzle on the bottom; we put the bot on the material on which we want to print and it starts printing while moving along the material. The bot moves to the next position after each print swath. Since the PrintO-Bot uses an existing printer, we send a print to it the same way as we send a print to our desk printers.

The PrintO-Bot is an open source initiative.