JungHyun Moon

This piece is a new media installation, responding composed sound with my own narrative story. Colorful ink drips into water and expresses beautiful “natural” pattern. However, it will not last long and become dull. It will become transparent again by the decolorization of Ozone. This cycle repeats continuously.



This piece is about the cycles in our life.

Dripping ink into water draws abstract and spectacular colorful patterns in the water container, and it represents exciting and hilarious moments with progress and achievements in our life.

While mixed with other ink, the colors of ink will loose their own vivid colors and become dark gray, as most of honor, glory, happiness, and love in the world will fade away.

However, it will become transparent again by decolorizing with Ozone. This phase says the moment of overcoming emptiness with new motivation and stimulation.

This process will repeat constantly.


Project Development Studio (Marina Zurkow)