ITP Spring Show 2017

100 days inspired by artists by Esther Hersh A 100 days practice in which I created an animation every day inspired by a different artist.
A Cloud In Blue Sky by Corbin Ordel A Cloud In Blue Sky is a interactive web platform that combines digital images, computer vision, machine learning, and text analysis to re-contextualize the vast and ever increasing world-wide catalogue self created digital media.
A Place to Remember by Anne Goodfriend A Place to Remember is an Augmented Reality (AR) experience that takes place in Washington Square Park. AR Markers in the park invite passersby to use their phone’s camera-view to interact with hand-drawn maps, and recordings left behind by strangers. Users are then invited to contribute their own memories.
A Ritual that last Forever by Fengyi Franklin Zhu This project is an attempt to use technology to reinterpret the traditional dragon dance practice in the form of a kinetic sculpture.<br />
Afloat: a spatial exploration with gestures by Ji Young Chun, Manning Qu A meditative approach to spatial exploration... and bubbles!
Ahead of the Times by Jesse Horwitz, Satbir Samantha Multani Being able to share news with one step at a time. <br /> These shoes cycles through current news headlines, word by word with every step you take.
Ambrosia by Michael Kripchak A VR short that puts you in the perspective of the ingredients as a meal is being made.
Animalia Concerto by Rushali Paratey A gesture based performance piece by humans wearing animal masks generating music with computers.
Artificial (?) Antidancer by Sejo Vega-Cebrian A digital companion for the antidance improviser, a stick figure that follows, remixes and counterpoints the movements of a person.
beacon by Dorothy Chi Hung Lam beacon: a solar rechargable emergency signal wristband that can be repurposed for other GSM message delivery.
Brooklyn Horror Story by Alexander Zimmer A part-live action, part-animated, virtual reality experience about gentrification in central Brooklyn. A collaboration between Grad Film & ITP.
Browser LAB by Eric Wenqi Li Browser LAB is a playground to experience novel capacity of the browser through playing with virtual physical attributes of browser windows, like size, position, color, layout, and sound.
Captive Audience by Rita Cheng Captive Audience was inspired by President Trump and the audiences that he paid for; if he can have meaningless applause, so can you with Captive Audience!
Cat In A Box by Mathura Govindarajan educational experiences/storytelling devices that are based on traditional forms of Indian story telling
Chakr Glove by Peiyu Luo Hand gesture is the most natural way that people interact with the world. Chakr Gloves is a pair of gloves providing haptic feedback and gesture recognizing functions, which help people gain a better experience interact with the virtual environment.
Closed Cells, Open Wounds by Sisa B. Holguín CLOSED CELLS, OPEN WOUNDS is virtual reality documentary experience that aims to address the core issue to the mass incarceration crisis that is plaguing this country.
CNC Assisted Music by Jason Beck, Yeseul Song A pipe organ inspired musical instrument that uses the mechanism of CNC machines.
Digital Consequences by Sebastian Morales Your facebook likes hurt more than you think.
diy/gyn by Zoe Bachman DIY/GYN is how women in the near future hack their access to health care. Using tongue-in-cheek language, speculative thinking and emerging technology, DIY/GYN calls attention to precarious futures in the United States and reflects on what this potential situation means for us in the present.
Drawing Feelings by Ondina E Frate Drawing Feelings is an analog data visualization that tells the story of my every day emotions through daily drawings of objects that represent my feelings.
Dream of Wings by Wangshu Sun Flap your arms and fly in VR!
Dreamers by Mona (Hayeon) Kim , Jina Jung An immersive adventure of nature enabled by magical paintings.
Embodied Violence in Film by Bryan Hsu Embody the physical violence depicted in a film.
emBody by Dana Abrassart emBody is an exploration in encouraging a body-mind connection through the use of movement sonification.
ESCAPE THE NO.4 by Jingru Yin, Manning Qu Immersive room escaping experience in physical space using AR/VR as clues
Filet by Kevin Stirnweis Filet is a virtual reality experience that tells the story of my dog and best friend while I served in the Peace Corps in Togo.
Geode #1 (Fun House) by Jared D Friedman Geode #1 is a space for solitary contemplation and reflection on the body and the self, in the form of a seven-foot-wide inside-out disco ball that you can climb into.
Greenly by Jessica L Scott-Dutcher Greenly is a webapp to get New Yorkers into the outdoors
Here and There by Adi Wiedersheim Sendagorta An immersive installation that explores the distortion of memory and the unstable processes of remembrance through photographs that come alive in response to the position of the onlooker.
Hidden in Plain Sight by Michelle Hessel An interactive installation that shares the stories of the immigrants behind NYC street food carts.
Holokit by FY Zhu Hololens is amazing and meanwhile expensive. Now we proposed the HoloKit, this is just 3 dollar cardboard components in open source, and can turn your mobile phone into a powerful Mixed Reality devices and actually performance better than Hololens.For more information, please visit my documentation page.
How Thrilling: Extending the Body by Stephanie Koltun Michael Jackson’s iconic song “Thriller” and associated dance moves provide a familiar and entertaining prompt to explore how technology extends the body into disparate spaces, through different representations, for unknowing audiences.
hysterical wearable by Renata Gaui A wearable device that detects verbal microaggressions towards females during daily conversations and reacts to it.
its_ok by Aaron Montoya-Moraga its_ok is a collection of different performance art pieces, physical installations and the software specifically made for them.
Jennings v. Rodriguez by Alexander Zimmer, Jaycee Holmes, Laura Kerry, Oriana Neidecker Introducing three people effected by the Supreme Court case Jennings v. Rodriguez about unfair treatment of non-citizens in the U.S., the windows invite viewers into the intimate stories of people whose live have been disrupted by prolonged detention.
Kodi Learns To Cook by Steven Simon Children's interactive storybook
Learning Energy by Jaycee Holmes A small interactive installation on generating renewable energies: solar and kinetic.
Let Go Machine by Fan-Hao Tseng Let Go Machine is an interactive installation that can liberate people from the negativity of regret.
Light scapes by Shir David Light scapes is a series of 3d sculptures inspired by lowlight photography.
Looking Through Mirror of Ice by Miao Tian It is a AR experience through Hololens, people will pass a line of objects and trigger virtual objects to appear.
Me, Myself and .io by Wipawe Sirikolkarn Me, myself and .io is a projection-based augmented reality (AR) installation about who I am as seen through both my physical and digital data.
Mirages : Light Experiments by Hayeon / Hayley Hwang, Yeseul Song Interactive light installation which creates illusions on the wall using multiple DMX lights
Multisensory Music by Michael Simpson A tool for creating audio/visual experiences that provides the composer with realtime multi-sensory feedback (audio/visual/haptic) tied to their physical interaction.
Museum of Mistrust by Lindsey Johnson Museum of Mistrust is an interactive museum about the history and effects of con artists. It allows users to experience confidence tricks first hand to allow the user to understand how it could happen to them in the real world.
Naomi by Jarone A Wright Illuminated Acrylic Layer Art Science Fiction
No Exit by Oriana Neidecker Simulation theory virtual reality piece combining 360 video and Unreal gaming Engine.
Normal Day by Alexia Kyriakopoulou A social experiment of physical connection through an emotional VR experience.
Orbit Training by Carlie Yutong Zhang A necessary training of future life to keep the orbit from you
Paper Plane by Chang Gao A magical mixed-reality interaction with digital paper planes
Pep Talk by Amanda Lee, Anne-Michelle Gallero, Bryan Hsu, Xitong Xu A man on the brink of a momentous decision meets an unexpected confidant.
Piecing It Together Spring 2017 by Anne-Michelle Gallero, Sejo Vega-Cebrian, Marco Guarino Final projects from Piecing It Together Spring 2017
Pinocchio VR by Anastasios Germanidis, Dong Chan Kim, Jeffrey Park Tell truths to escape the whale and turn into a real boy.
Pixel light by RAN TIAN The pixel LED metric box is smart, with functional features as well as some magic.
Play:Connected by Jason Beck We develop socially and emotionally through play, but for children with disabilities, opportunities for play can be hindered through hospitalizations and extended separation from friends and family. Play:Connected employs connected devices to foster play for children with disabilities through real-time streaming video and internet controlled toys.
Pythonic Medicina LLC by Ziyu He Pythonic Medicina LLC is a python program that can read in any digital text, and out put a customized prescription drug label according to the text.
RAT TALE by Gal Nissim Rat Tale is an immersive experience that aims to evoke emotions in the liminal zone of disgust and attraction. By creating physical closeness between rats and humans, it raises questions regarding the way we perceive animals who share the urban habitat with us.
re·al·i·ty by Juan José Egúsquiza Surreal reality
Reactions by Roi Lev, Sharif Al-hadidi Reactions explores our physical reality by changing the way physical objects react to our touch.
Record in Flow by Serena M Parr An interactive video installation exploring the site where the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and allies camped in protest of the Dakota Access Oil Pipeline in North Dakota.
Root Commute by Lindsey Daniels A fern, the mta, and you : how does one affect the other?
Safe House by Danielle Butler Safe House is an immersive, multi-sensory installation for one. Sound, lights, and air current shift as a visitor interacts with the space, changing to reveal different aspects of an environment that can only be experienced from the inside of a small hanging house.
Sea & Mulberry field by Siman Li A light installation that shows the changes in nature.
Seedling by Dhruv Damle Seedling is a personal food harvesting system that lets you grow your own vegetables. It is a modular indoor greenhouse equipped with hydroponics, a microcontroller, sensors and actuators with which you can control the climate parameters best suited for your plants.
Shape of You by Dani Woo Hyun Kim Shape of You is a multi-user interactive mirror that detects joints of the human body, allowing them to connect and create two-dimensional shapes through movement and spatial exploration.
Simulacra by Baris Siniksaran, Chang Gao, Michael Kripchak, Roi Lev Simulacra is a mixed reality Sci-fi experience about the tension between the virtual and the physical worlds.
Social Assemblages by Rebecca Ricks Social Assemblages is a collection of distinct projects that speculates as to how Facebook data might be collected and analyzed by third parties in the future. "Eigenfaces" and "Logged in from" are the two projects on display.
Somnolent Listener by Utsav Chadha Making lectures interactive.
Sonic + Spectrum: Society by Ari Melenciano An audio-visual interactive mixtape that discusses: race, racism and most specifically, "Whiteness."
Sound Objects by Or Fleisher, Scott Reitherman A sonic VR experience allowing players to orchestrate a musical soundscape thru interactions with dynamic objects and playful physics. by Kenzo Nakamura Subdex is a crowd-sourced reading list platform.
Subtraction Class by Nathaniel Padgett Showing some of the projects and experiments from the Subtraction class.
texere by Francesca Rodriguez Sawaya In Texere, digitally generated designs make up the patterns for a hand woven textile that highlights the commonly hidden context around spoken words. Inspired by traditional Folk Art and the use of language in Oral Societies, it’s about crafting unwritten forms of language as a way of preserving the human side of collective memory.
thank you lights by Aaron Parsekian My project is a battery made from scratch that powers a high efficiency LED. The goal is to embrace newest available lighting technology combined with materials that are normally discarded.
The Best Art by Nicole He The Best Art is an artistic collaboration between the computer (MacBook Air, 13-inch, early 2015), and the human (Nicole He).<br /> The computer queries the universe and uses an algorithm to objectively calculate the best art for any given moment in time. The human executes the commands.
The Big You by Yihan Chen Our visual decisions tend to be influenced by our personal experiences
The Blob by Regina Cantu De Alba, Woraya Boonyapanachoti The Blob is an interactive piece that turns the tactible interaction of squishing a balloon into an unexpected outcome
The Body Shop by Ariana Vassilopoulou I am presenting a Vending Machine in which women can select through different body types and get their output.
The Meditation Master (WAVR) by Baris Siniksaran, Sean Seunghwan Kim Exploring the abilities of mind power through virtual reality with WAVR.
The Museum of Funny Ladies, A Museumette by Angela Perrone The Museum of Funny Ladies, A Museumette is an immersive exhibit that tells a piece of the history of women in comedy, showing that yes, ladies are hilarious. This experience transports visitors to the 1970s and into the writers room of pioneer comedy writer Sybil Adelman, where they can interact with the objects in the space to experience her story as a groundbreaking female comedy writer navigating the male-dominated writers world of that era.
The Periodical by Olivia Cueva The Periodical is a period subscription service that aims to change the way we experience our period holistically, making it celebratory, inclusive of all bodies who menstruate, while promoting safer products for our bodies and the planet. <br />
The Radius Project by Jesse Horwitz A device that measures experienced population density with WiFi.
The Screaming Sun by Mithru Vigneshwara The Screaming Sun is a noise/music-making analog circuit that gets power and signal from light - no batteries, no code.
The Ticket by Pearl Basinski This is a non-linear interactive video where one event destroys or re-constructs friendship depending on choices the user makes.
The Undelivered Letters by Nai-Chen Yang “The Undelivered Letters” is an immersive journalistic virtual reality project that pays tribute to victims of the Taiwanese White Terror. It aims to shed light on stories that have been buried in archives for decades, and breathing new life into the realm of history and politics through VR. <br />
Thesis by Paula Ceballos Delgado [divine_pixels] is a collection of experiments which explore how ancient fortune-telling rituals can be updated using today’s digital technology.
Together with Another by Danni Huang, Yuqiao Qin Together with Another is an interactive installation which gives users a sensation of meeting others in parallel worlds
Touch Free Music by Brandon Kader Touch Free Gesture using Computer Vision Presence Detection to play Music composed by myself.
Trini Talk by Nikita Huggins Trini Talk is an online platform designed to communicate and preserve the Trinidad English Creole Language. Using an interactive web platform, Trini Talk teaches the oral language of Trinidad through the island’s history, shows how the language is used and establishes a platform to preserve the language.
Unfinished by Yen-An Chen, Ying He Override the standard new tab page with a random unfinished artwork from the Metropolitan Museum of Art's online collection
Waiting in the Rain by Samantha Schulman Umbrella lamp for a bus stop that interacts with and simulates rain.
waster by Grau Puche Recarens _waster is multiplayer game with physical controls where players race to waste $100 as fast as possible.
WAVE by Kritchaya Twitchsri A device that is tuning your mind down before bed
Wave-washed Sand by Yuli Cai Poems are written in words. But what stay with us are the emotions they provoke. Can I make a kinetic sculpture that can represent this inexpressible nature of one of my favourite poem?
Well Rounded by Leslie E Ruckman Well Rounded is a concept for a digital giving-app that makes funding positive social, political, or environmental projects part of daily life.
Wilde Eastern VR by Chris Hall Wilde Eastern is a film noir, cinematic virtual reality experience. Depending on how observant you are in a missing person's case, you may get a different ending from your counterparts
Willo by Emmanuel Y Klein Willo is a chatbot which uses a conversational interface to engage children in an open-ended exploration of the world.
Wind Chimes by Roxanne Kim Real-time Light Fixture
Wonder Corner by Ruta Kruliauskaite Wonder Corner is a participatory installation that invites adults into a private and safe space to wonder about the world. It is a place where no one can see or hear them and they can ask anything they want.
Your VR Live Portrait + "Uzuklar" by Akmyrat Tuyliyev Have your portrait drawn in VR, and experience a short ancient tale from Turkmenistan in VR painting in Tilt Brush.