Afloat: a spatial exploration with gestures

Ji Young Chun, Manning Qu

A meditative approach to spatial exploration… and bubbles!


This playful yet meditative piece is about spatial exploration, utilizing a Kinect for gestural interaction. The sketch is projected onto three layered transparent fabrics hanging from the ceiling, offering a dreamlike environment. The fabrics are diagonally placed so people can effortlessly travel through the space.

The sketch shows hundreds of bubbles that users can interact with their body; they can create a huge bubble or attract bunch of bubbles with certain gestures while listening to relaxing ambient music. The bubbles follow as people walk around the space. Some people might want to play with the fabrics, and when the surface of the fabrics is distorted, it creates unexpected organizations of bubbles while still following the users. You can imagine clean sheets of clothes being hung out to dry while bubbles float around you in the fresh summer air. A beautiful world is created and it reacts to you gently. We want to deliver this dreamlike relief to our audience with our experiments in creative coding sketch, movements and space.


Sense Me, Move Me


Jingru Yin, Manning Qu

Immersive room escaping experience in physical space using AR/VR as clues


Our AR/VR room escaping experience will be setup in a corner of a classroom with a basic desk and few lockers. The background story bases on a creepy mental hospital which has ulterior secret that no one knows. The experience will be solo- one audience at a time. The audience will play a role of someone being framed as a psychopath and brought here, they need to find clues with AR(we’ll provide google cardboard) in the physical space to escape in a short time(approximately 5 mins). The clues are gonna be target pictures hided in ordinary objects for our APP to trigger images/animations/videos. The experience will also include few performance to bring audience into context.