Chakr Glove

Peiyu Luo

Hand gesture is the most natural way that people interact with the world. Chakr Gloves is a pair of gloves providing haptic feedback and gesture recognizing functions, which help people gain a better experience interact with the virtual environment.


The technology that enables the core experience that comprises virtual reality is progressing quickly, but as VR headsets become more advanced companies are looking to where the next generational leap in VR will come from. Arguably, that next advance will probably involve input. With spatial movement of motion and gestures, we can design and train a computer to get a better understanding of user’s intent. Meanwhile, we can enhance user experience by providing visual and haptic feedback.

Chakr is my thesis project, I designed and build a pair of gloves equipped with motion tracking technology and haptic feedback system. It can work with both virtual reality and augmented reality environment. When paired with HTC Vive headset and trackers, the user could see their hand and finger movement in virtual environment. The glove brings intuitive interaction to virtual reality. With vibration motors set, the user would get instant feedback from virtual environment. By utilizing machine learning technology, it can read gestures and movements precisely.