Pep Talk

Amanda Lee, Anne-Michelle Gallero, Bryan Hsu, Xitong Xu

A man on the brink of a momentous decision meets an unexpected confidant.


Bryan Hsu, Amanda Lee, Anne-Michelle Gallero and Xitong Xu bring you their ‘Storytelling with Non-Linear Video’ final video project, “Pep Talk.”

Quick decision-making. A panicked man, who is having dinner with his girlfriend, has boxed himself in the small restaurant bathroom. On the brink of a momentous decision that will affect him for the rest of his life, he meets an unexpected confidant in this least likely of place. At first he thinks that his eyes are playing tricks on him, but our insightful (and comedic) confidant helps this panicked man navigate his nerves and anxiety towards clarity and action with the quick decision making of YOU. In combining storytelling with a dialogue based game mechanics, every click of the viewer is important to unlock the branching narratives of this panicked man’s story and his final life-altering decision.

Over the six-week non-linear storytelling workshop with Alon Benari, we worked closely together to come up with the concept, write the script, film, edit and build the look of the UX interface design to create an interactive movie experience using the Eko Studio browser-based platform. Drawing on Alon’s extensive filmmaking knowledge and his Eko Studio’s team of developers and coders, our Pep Talk story gives the viewers a role in how the story plays out through 5 major choice-making moments using timer-based UX buttons to quickly decide in real time one of four possible endings.


Storytelling with Non-Linear Video