Social Assemblages

Rebecca Ricks

Social Assemblages is a collection of distinct projects that speculates as to how Facebook data might be collected and analyzed by third parties in the future. "Eigenfaces" and "Logged in from" are the two projects on display.


It has been well documented that Facebook’s human facial recognition model can predict the identity of a face with over 99 percent accuracy. For my project “Eigenfaces”, I digitally printed a linen jacket with a pattern of images containing my eigenfaces threshold numbers alongside a 3D image of my face. By taking my private biometric data and literally wearing it on my sleeve, I wanted to encourage Facebook users to think about the degree to which their biometric data is already public. With my project “Logged in from”, I attempted to re-insert the digital world into the physical world by locating specific actions I took on Facebook within a physical geography. Using the location metadata associated with my Facebook activity, I reconstructed the real physical geography of each location in a three-dimensional environment, producing a series of strange, imaginary landscapes.