The Ticket

Pearl Basinski

This is a non-linear interactive video where one event destroys or re-constructs friendship depending on choices the user makes.


“The Ticket” is a short film which incorporates interactivity to make the user empathize more with the protagonist. The choices the user makes affects the outcome of the video. The framework behind the videos is structured in a way that scores the choices the user makes. While this process is not displayed to the user, one choice will result in the adding or subtracting of points. These points determine the film’s ending. Unbeknownst to the user, the final interaction leads into a unique ending depending upon the user’s score. Each of the choices affects the development of the film, but flow seamlessly together, allowing the user to stay immersed in the narrative. A “callback” to a choice made earlier on in the story manifests towards the conclusion, reminding the user of the agency they have over plot developments.
Three friends buy a lottery ticket together as a weekly tradition. This week, they win. The problem is, one doesn't want to share. The user chooses how he decides to act around the other two friends. The interactions are designed such that when the protagonist acts consistently selfishly — trying to hide the truth and keep the money — the decisions will tally up, resulting in the less desirable of the endings: He loses the money and his two closest friends. If the user chooses to act less selfishly, these choices will add up and present the viewer with the more heartwarming ending, where the protagonist retains his friendships. There are multiple points of interaction that create unique storylines at each viewing.


Storytelling with Non-Linear Video