Mai Arakida Izsak

MaiSpace invites you to wander through a virtual place that is accessible to a global community on the VRChat platform, and to explore future possibilities of fostering personal connections in a fully digital universe.



VR has so far largely been treated as an extension of film – a solitary experience offered up at exclusive festivals by acclaimed directors with a point of view. A new wave of platforms blend VR with Gaming and Social Media, creating a virtual community that can teleport to connect with one another, and conjure up real-world tools, impossible spaces, and even bodies to enhabit.

MaiSpace is my personal home within VRChat, one of the leading social VR platforms. Users can choose their avatars and traverse the world through portals and rides, experiencing pieces of my identity in the process. The space includes a 360 video shot at the Dead Sea, a dance floor of swaying palm trees, and a giant bubble structure that encompasses a birdseye view of the environments within it. Other users will be able to join remotely and roam this little corner of the virtual multiverse.

As spaces are shaped by the activity of those who occupy it, and in turn, spaces shape people’s experiences, MaiSpace aims to provide a positive atmosphere for its new virtual community. It is imperative that we participate and help set the tone for our public virtual spaces to enable genuine interaction and connection. This project explores the potential for VR to provide fluidity and freedom of identity, as well as agency and representation through the sensations of embodiment and telepresence.


Open Source Cinema, Synthetic Architectures, The Poetics of Space