Ji Young Chun, Namsoo Kim

A playful AR app that brings any object that has a detectable 'face' to life by placing user's speech balloon next to the face.



BOOM! is a playful AR app that detects a face of any kind (real human face, face in posters or pictures, face drawings, etc) and places a speech balloon next to the face by using the users' voice. It uses face detection technology to detect a face, and speech-to-text technology to recognize a speech and convert into text. When users enter the app and find any object that has a detectable face, they press a button to start. When a speech balloon is placed next to the detected face and the users start speaking, their speech will be turned into a text and placed inside the speech balloon. Then they may save this video and share it to social media. Pictures, posters, and drawings can also have a life!


Mobile Lab