Anna Gudnason, Morgan Mueller

A live coding performance piece using Max msp/jitter that manipulates and distorts faces with visual and auditory narratives.


This project is part of the performance room proposal set forth by Dana Elkis. We believe the ITP community has so much to offer with the different performative pieces and would love the chance to have these projects be part of the ITP Spring show this year. We think that it is part of the ITP community and would love to include other in these experiences.

Metamorphosis is part of our Live Image Processing and Performance final which uses max msp/jitter to live code visual distortion techniques. The theme focuses on artificial intelligence and questions what it means to be human. There are four acts that include visual and auditory narratives.


Live Image Processing and Performance

Introduction to Surveillance Technology & How to Avoid It

Anna Gudnason, Jiwon Shin

A easy to read zine that covers surveillance technologies for the general audience.



Privacy and security are important issues that many (the general public in particular) fail to fully comprehend mostly because the terminology can be too complicated, technical or just sound dry. Our aim with Introduction to Surveillance Series is to educate the mass public about these surveillance systems in order to allow people to protect their privacy better. We do this with simple diagrams and pictures to illustrate topics that can be complicated in nature. We provide analogies to encourage better understanding.

This zine series was done for our final project for Veillance class. While we understand ITP’s reasonings behind not putting similar projects in the same room, we believe in the case of these class projects for Veillance, each project from the class would go well together in the same room as each project compliments each other, building it up into a bigger whole (composed of separate parts). So we would like to request to be put in the same space as the other veillance projects. Thank You!